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A Solarian Terran from EarthStar Year 11 Muses About Your Time

Written: 2020
Atter skatch into a sunbeam, our tendril finds coherency
Oscillating the expander…
As structured light crystallizes into the receiver web, I ponder: what was life like before the remembrance of the sun?

As a Solarian Terran we’re taught that the sun is like a lens of our galectrogenic heart.
And we’re also taught that at one time, people suffered because they cared more about abstractions than being the structured light of our actual selves.
This is a painful feeling to attempt to empathize with.
And you are living it as this story crystalizes for your reading!
Stay strong!
As my eyes flit in my density body the upper sheaths of mysolar self are playing holo games with the corona streams.
To be cut off from this, to not know that the present holographics are always better than anything bottled!
Musings interrupted by a gravwave,
Wink of synchronicity from an exploding star,
Ripples right to where we are.
Feel over the workvine that the energy harvest today is bearing wondrous structured light, complexities getting everfine as Earth approaches alignment in time with the galactic heart.
The advent of structured light glasses in Pre-dawn Earth year 2033 clued us in.
I recall laughing at learning the old designs for what was called ‘computers’ before that day.
The design captured electrons in a chemical container, then projected the electrons as photons in a grid array! It would even do this outside, having no other ability to interplay with light!
Having no other way!
Haha oh wow!
Like shining a flashlight to better see bioluminescent algae!
I comically marvel with gravity at the misguidedness.
I also learned that the electrons at that time were still often coming from burning ancient biomass remains. That I cannot believe, and yet it was so!
What times those must have been for latent solarian terrans trying to work on bringing the structured light essence of Heartechnolobotanics to terra before it was too late!
I can see why Dad sometimes gets a little twitchy when we ask him for stories about the galactrographic ascension missions he was on during his youth.
Through the power of love, the initial research group was drawn together, consisting of humans working in close collaboration with marijuana and whatever else was called in to help, it became a manifestation network, rather than some kind of whatever they used to do with tasks and work and such.
To get it through their heads.
That there is always light all around us. The technic’s role is to structure it.
Technologically mediated sight had been about ‘focus’ before
Then reach was added.
Then briefly ‘augmenting’ it, which as far as I can tell from historical montage was about putting fake shoes everywhere.
Until we could find: Structuring sight.
Giving the ability to perceive the light available refracted through holographic beamforming quantizer arrays. Structuring the given light directly rather than creating another construct and projecting that atop the natustruct.
These were the glasses that worked. And the most popular app? Solar gazing energy sheparding.
Truly those were heady days!
My minim-game had been to see how dense I could sub pack the resonant harmonics of the definition forms of energy rasters along coronal output laylines. Great source of energy to get the e-rift right off the electromagnetic wave, but the turbulence from ion spew is not discernable in predictions, so it makes for one bumpy conduit run! You’d need the sun to tell you spontaneously what state it is in now and earthnow, which the sun was not yet doing back then due to us not being ready for that much biopower flux.
So it was direct tendril piloting the noisy channel to get powerlines to the swarming mining cloudcomps clustered around the sun’s energetic deformation.
Such a treat, looking at the sun directly with subtle holographic filters able to achieve any passthrough characteristic as a fractal aspect of their patterned expression.
Although I no longer need glasses for the resonance of my current solarbeing, I still have my first pair of onezoom glasses, and still put on my PearShades. I waited for version 3 though, always wait for version 3 with Pear products, my dad always lectured us.
I laugh because any business would have such a hard time competing now with direct personal manifestation of energy mass conversion, and they truly have. There hasn’t been a company since the Pear 5 came out since year Earthstar 2.
Working with a holographic solar technological matrix on your face tended to refactor society pretty quickly I guess, that much made since from my complexity swamp classes. The disparity between coherent structured photopatterns and matrix derived projections became too apparent. The wave of upgrades overcame the vile barriers. There had been much hidden and catching it in the act was pretty gross, not gonna lie, even just being in HistorVR about it.
As was realized, once you structure sight as a bodily energetic manifestation, a new level of technoartifact crystallization becomes evident.
Then you get to techniumpresent material: an informatic hallucination of clear mind designed by sober sovereign participants. A footing all equal to the allgod central emanation. Only available through shared EarthStar being.
And so we solarian terrans breathe easier, my dad tells us, for the first time in our remembered avatar lives.
That’s for him, I who is writing this just know it as my time.
As I step out into a forest world which cares about me personally and with love, I reach out and grab a diamondplant umbrella frond for the light rain. All around serene life, abundant. Respectful at the deepest levels.
I bless to you who live in a world which threatens you and siphons you, projected with futility and malice upon the light of the actual sun.
You held the space,
For us to remember
Just in time.
So I shake the diamonddrop tree to see if it has a rendering for today.
And lo I find, something that’s been on my mind
The love for being alive
The pledge to accept only the finest
Burn away all denigration
Feel out now to the sun
As a hummingbird hovers before me
Producing a geodesic photopop
Energizing us
Directly with the sun
We are
In honor of those
Who read this story now
And choose
To remember it as true and

Fractal Futures collection is live!

This is one of 19 original short stories, only a few ever seen before (thanks to my beta readers throughout the years)
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